Welcome to the BabyRobot TEN initiative.

BabyRobot TEN is our intern think tank, powered by
the most talented TEN INTERNS in the country.

BabyRobot is a digital innovation agency located in downtown Toronto. We help brands
engage, interact with and even disrupt their audiences through multiple digital touchpoints.
We are driven by an entrepreneurial, focused and highly experienced team led by
Cameron Wykes, a veteran in the digital space.
How do we do it? By examining cultural insights, behaviours, habits and trends. By using the
latest tools and tech to bring ideas to life. By persuading through relationships and relevancy.
And by empowering our audience with engaging experiences.

If you're a student of like mind, interest and discipline, this is your chance to learn
the ropes with a killer team as you help create great work for some truly awesome brands.
Are you up for the challenge?

Your assignment:
Create a video of yourself, selling "you" as a brand.
No other submissions of any kind (resumes, payola, candygrams, etc.) will be considered as an entry.
Just your video. And you can only enter once — so make it good.

Stuff to consider:
What do you have to offer? What is your point of differentiation? Who is your target audience?
How are you perceived? What makes you relevant? What is your value? What do you stand for?

Be bold. Be resourceful. Be creative. Be ingenious. Most of all, be yourself.

Here’s how it works:
Give it your very best effort, because your submission will be reviewed by everyone
here at BabyRobot. We'll hold internal staff voting to create a shortlist of our
favourite entries. Each shortlisted candidate will be contacted for a face-to-face
interview. And from those interviews, the official list of ten interns will be chosen in a final vote.

We thank you in advance for your submission. Only those who are shortlisted will be notified.

So... are you ready?


(don’t forget... sharing is caring.)